Bayannaoer Hotline ( is Bayannur region's oldest and most influential, the most visited cities in the only regional network of interactive marketing, integrated portal.
  Bayannaoer hotline to serve urban construction, economic development, tourism, culture, investment, special reports and other mission, to localization, life, interactivity, timeliness, openness as the goal, covering local information, investment, culture , tourism, rural, video, pictures, collections and other socio-economic and cultural aspects of life, "online business," "wonderful topic", "Loop Collection" "Illustrated Bayannur" and other columns have a wide range of brand influence.
  Bayannaoer hotline is the first to provide Bayannur website marketing services network of cities, now has seven flags, county, district government investment promotion services website, are:
  After the Flag:
  Ishidan mouth:
  Five of the original:
  Former flag:
  The flag:
  Hang after:
  Bayannaoer hotline to provide the most direct network feature interactive services. Over the years have successfully completed: 2010 Chinese Culture Symposium • Loop North Yinshan rock engravings inscription joint seminar Wulatehouqi built and International Festival is the 40th anniversary of the flag, Deng Kouxian Fifth China Cistanche and desert medicinal plants Symposium sand industry products exhibition, the region's second new rural construction site of new spiritual and pastoral areas to exchange experiences, modern agricultural and livestock Bayannao'er (B) Bonded Logistics Park and many other large special ceremony interaction communication, reporting activities, special services hotline Bayannur Bayannaoer area network communication has become, reported to promote the brand of choice.
  2012 approaching, the news media rely on the authority of the status of People's advantage. Bayannaoer hotline will be cooperation and development with the PRC on the basis of network services to broaden the channels and continue to play advantage, leading Bayannur Internet business, the city's rapid development of interactive marketing.
  Site Interpretation
  1, site signs:

  By the blue moon and seven sizes of golden stars form, the semantic of "Seven arch months." Moon Bayannao'er, seven different sizes of gold stars around the moon arms, symbolizing the seven flags, county and district in Bayannur municipal government under the wise leadership, innovation, forge ahead, and harmonious development , create brilliant!

  2, site logo:

  Hotline fast direct analogy channels, called "Bayannaoer hotline" means the Internet is concerned. Let Bayannaoer moment with the world, and the world time and Bayannur contact. Language with the site's theme summed up as: "Let the world know Bayannur so Bayannaoer to the world!" At the same time, because "Bayannaoer" Mongolian semantic interpretation of Chinese names. To the right domestic and foreign friends to read fluently and skilled memory "Bayannur" logo on our specially designed "bayannaoer" Hanyu Pinyin. Domain: is a "world" English "world", combined the telephone area code Bayannur "0478" form "world0478". "Com" is an international domain name, and we choose "" as "Bayannur Hotline" domain, reflected in the "World Bayannur." The overall meaning of the domain name as: "information technology, digital Bayannur, with the world, and the world up close!"